L0.10 9-13mm俏佳人(LU卷)Lifting Lash

NT$1,200 NT$480



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Our lash made from best Korean PBT material. And we give the best QA to all our lashes to make sure you can also deliver the best service to your clients. It’s easy to make a perfect big or small fan and the base are lined perfect on the strip. Our lashes are all handmade by experienced workers, so not only you won’t find imperfect work in a tray, the backing paper we choose to put our lashes on are thicker and better.

LC is perfect for downturn eye shape and nature lashes grow downwards, or you want to give customer’s eyes a lift, these are the perfect curl for you. We also recommend to mix curls to achieve eye opening effect. But L gives a more lift to the eyes. We recommend mixing L0.10 with all other curls and thickness to create a beautiful lifting effect to the eyes.

Our new L curl will save you a lot of time adjusting client’s eye shape and give the eyes a beautiful lifting and opening effect.